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Altogether 1-5 is a semester series consisting of a total of ten books (two semester books per class). Each book is divided into segments of: English, Mathematics, Social Science (for classes 1-2), Social Studies (for classes 3-5), Environmental Studies (for classes 1-2), Science (for classes 3-5), General Knowledge and Computer Science. All the subjects have been designed to develop comprehensive understanding in learners and are essential for an interactive and participative atmosphere. A ...

Juncture: An Integrated Term Series

Juncture is an integrated term series for LKG, UKG and Classes 1 to 5, comprising three term books for each class. The series follows a unique constructivist approach which focuses on experiential learning. The learners build on existing knowledge to develop new concepts, and learning is integrated across subjects through common themes.

My Book of Comprehension and Composition

Madhubun Comprehension and Composition, for Classes 1 through 8, is a graded practice course aimed at strengthening learners’ reading and writing skills

My Book of Life Skills and Values

This series strives to equip learners with the skills that make them responsible and sensitive members of society. It aims to inculcate a strong set of values in young minds, which in turn will help them make the right choices in life. 


This book is a humble attempt at trying to create for our growing children a healthier intellectual and physical climate, where they can grow with nobility–both physical and emotional–through the elevating medium of prayer.

The Essence of Sikhism

A popular well-graded series especially designed for school children the world over to know about the lives and teachings of the Sikh Gurus. 

Up and Aware

Up and Aware is a series in Life Skills and Value Education. It aims at imbibing the prescribed life skills and values in learners through kinaesthetic activities, stories, poems and craft work.

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